Ephraim,UT (My biggest struggle yet)

Last summer I spent roughly 10 weeks in central Utah working. I was able to take my 2012 Honda crf250r along. Now as some people may know parts of Utah especially the smaller town the sit just below the Wasatch plateau (Manti mountains), are all “ATV friendly” which means pure awesomeness for all of us throttle jockeys. For those who don’t know ATV friendly town means you can literally ride your bike all over town and not get stopped by the cops, unless of course you are daring enough to try pulling off a sick wheelie as you pass one (not recommended!).

Anyway, as I sat in my hotel studying this trail map of different runs I planned to make during the weeks I would be there I had no idea what was in store. Finally I felt comfortable enough after trying to landmark how to navigate the mountain range I was about to venture off to, I geared up and headed through town and up the canyon.

Growing up primarily a sand dunes rider the closest thing to trail/woods riding I had done was some Illinois hair scramble practices, but that wouldn’t stop my adventures. I rode about a half mile up the canyon entrance, stopping periodically for a photo opportunity, and headed out on my first trail which was supposed to be a good warmup trail to shake the rust off, think again.

I ended up at the top of 3 separate boulder filled downhills and before I realized that maybe this was a bad idea and should turn around I was already down the first one getting bucked and thrown around gripped on to the bars so tight. I looked back once I finally took my first breath since coming over the top and I just decided why not keep going and I ventured on. Well after the third one I was so lost and turned around on this long switchback trail that I wasn’t sure where this trail actually ended so I turned back hoping I might actually be able to climb these Erzberg worthy hill climbs on my motocross bike.

Here it comes, the first climb, I got up it with no major issues and took off like I was king of this mountain and nothing could stop me. Second one, my confidence got the best of me as I bounced on a rock (like a novice shaky bull rider) and when I landed I stalled my bike.

I chose to take an alternate less glory-filled approach. I would walk next to my bike and attempt to feather the clutch and caress the throttle up this thing. Hahaha ya that worked well until the bars yanked to the right, twisting my throttle and pulling the left hand violently off the clutch lever.

I gracefully collapsed and viciously laid my bike down and thought to myself “there has to be a better way”, by the way there is.. it’s called getting your ass back in the saddle and conquering the fear of these rocks and just attack the hill. And wouldn’t you know it, it worked!?

Although it sounds so easy it is never that easy mentally. I yelled at myself and almost broke down not knowing why I seem to always end up in this situation. But analyzing and trusting in myself I worked it up and thought about all the doubt within myself and I could prove my mind wrong by following my heart.

I had finally done it, I had made it to the top. After yelling a few obscenities at the hill at how much I hated it I headed back down the canyon to relax at the hotel.

The next day I decided to take that trail again now that I had confidence that I had done it once but turned back to face this near impossible backtrack. I powered through the rock filled downhills with no major setbacks and continued this very tight single trail switchback section.

Here I was the spot I had turned around the day before and I stopped just long enough to take in all the feelings I had experienced the day before. I clicked first gear and kept going, the unknown now laid before me, no turning back now. I was determined to finish this thing out.

About 4 turns later I reach a small creek crossing and “what the hell!?” That was the end of the trail. I reach the main road put my bike against a tree, grabbed a rock and threw it back at the trail. I was so mad, that close to the end and I turned back to face the toughest experience I have had on a bike.

After I had some time to look back and reflect on this ride it is amazing the feelings and emotion that has stuck with me since. The feelings of determination, fear, doubt, and seclusion came back as I relived it. The feelings of confidence, power, will, and strength of mind came to me as the reward of facing those first emotions I had felt.

I could have continued and never experienced this ride but I know deep down that the greatest successes come from the greatest adversities.

Everyone knows these feelings of overcoming challenges but not many people experience them enough. If something scares you, do it. It’s simple but not easy to accomplish. It is so addicting to overcome small challenges because it will lead to big successes and eventually transform you into following your passion and dreams.

This is the path I am on, thank you for joining me and I hope you will enjoy riding along with me as I share my struggles and how I overcome them.

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