Overcoming “life” to achieve your dreams.

Life sucks sometimes. we all know this but what a lot of us don’t know is that if we use the same determination and effort we use for our passion, whether its dirtbikes, music or pogo sticks, we can come out on top and use the adversity as a lesson to further our path to greatness.

I can attest to this as I am currently crawling my way from debt after getting myself into a pickle after being divorced for the second time. Life was going well, post divorce, as I spent so much time with my son and riding my dirtbike a few times a week.

Unfortunately that life is not sustainable without control and mental will power. I have learned a few tricks with helping identify and overcome trials and setbacks to help you achieve your dreams and stop focusing on the speed bumps in the way.

Is this mine?

Ask yourself if the feelings (negative or positive) are your true feelings. The majority of the time you might notice that the perception is something picked up from someone else. “More money, more problems” is not true just because a song told us that. The reality is you will have the same issues, problems and struggles whether you are disgustingly rich or flat broke.

What can I learn?

always try to find the lesson in the struggle. Life has a funny way of teaching us what we need to do through challenges. How fun would life be if you just knew exactly what to do and automatically knew how to do anything you wanted. That would honestly suck. If you disagree think about hopping on a dirtbike and instantly knowing how to do a backflip, sounds awesome because we all wish we could backflip, until you think deeper and realize that so would anyone else that jumped on one. Kind of takes the skill and excitement out of progression. Same works with life, embrace it!

(Also kills the dirtbike fail videos we all enjoy)

How to use it to your advantage

Once you identify the cause of the issue and how you can learn from it, we can now move into what to do with it. The trials we face make us who we are so we can’t just “overcome and forget it”. Using the trial, and your will to overcome the challenge, as a fuel to not get yourself into that situation again. It will also reassure that you are stronger than you give yourself credit for.

Stay strong, challenge every thought and feeling you have, and remember that everything you experience good or bad is temporary. Keep beating your setbacks and continue the progression to the life you always dream about.

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