Finding Your Passion

“Working for the man” sucks but unfortunately most of us know no different. We all want to make money doing something we love. For some, finding that opportunity came easier than others. That does not mean the “American dream” is not for all of us.

As I sit here debating on ways to discover how to turn my hobby or my passion into something I could do full-time I started thinking how can we predict what will work and how to justify the time and energy put into something while working 60+ hours a week already.

Well here are some things I have thought about in my quest.

What do I love doing?

Fortunately I have learned that I have a few things I am passionate about. Food safety, Tile setting, and public speaking/music are things I love but Dirtbike riding is something I’m very centered around. Listing these things I love not only puts the pen to paper but also can help you analyze and see how things can ultimately be connected. Start there!

Making Money

The hardest part is figuring out how to make it a profitable business model. I considered food safety consulting, dirtbike guide/retreat. I am still working on how to check off all my boxes to define my own success. Something I have done is focus on how I can merge all the things I love into one, and show my personal value to others. That’s the way to make it profitable is to offer a service worthy of what you charge. Changing someone’s life is invaluable, finding your way to do so and truly wanting to help others will put you ahead of other entrepreneurs who just want to get a paycheck.

Make it happen

The only thing holding you back is yourself. We live in a time unlike any in history. There is more than enough opportunity and money out there for everyone to have a cut, you just have to believe you deserve it and not be afraid to chase it. Some of my happiest days in business were playing music with a non-profit foundation that worked with schools. I didn’t make a ton of money but I ate well, stayed in nice hotels, and traveled with 5 awesome dudes playing music 5 days a week changing lives along the way. Define what success means to you and now you can go for it. Focus on the dream, and your happiness, money will come.

Whether you need investors or just need to save some money away, remember that the job you are doing now is just part of your support path to your final goal. So be grateful for that. Just cause you are bagging groceries or inspecting cattle (like I currently do) understand where you are going and don’t let the current bring down your future. “Chase your dreams” a motto I endorse always.  Also, remember the most important thing, enjoy the journey as it will take you through some crazy cool experiences and adventures that you will never forget.

Email me to talk more and share your thoughts.

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